Hey You | Photoseries by Aminda Villa

We can not get over the beautiful series captured by MPLS photographer Aminda Villa. Set in a historic Minneapolis apartment complex adorned with vibrant vintage furniture. Everything about the photos exudes sultriness and sensuality. You can see the full set of images here.









Model : Nicole Peelman | Ignite
Hair + Makeup + Styling : Jen Des Lauriers
Jewelry : L’avenir 
Photographer : Aminda Villa

Daisy Chains of Love

Avoiding my head

The hole in my heart

I fill them with things

That all fall apart

I enlist the gods

And all the future frauds

We are hand and glove

Daisy chains of love

_MG_6916-Edit _MG_6914-Edit _MG_6868-Edit _MG_6875-Edit

Featuring Aviary earrings and a little lacy number from Jen’s closet, this was a sweet little session that we wanted to keep monochromatic, light and playful.

Photography: 4 Girls Glamour

Model: Katherine Hood

Styling  & HMU: Jen Des Lauriers

Song Lyrics: Dum Dum Girls

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

Dark Beauty / The pieces

The alluring nature of dark smokey rhinestones can’t be resisted. We have been collecting intriguing pieces like this for years, making sure to keep a hefty handful for our personal collections… can you blame us? Have no fear, we did keep a few amazing bits for you. A few of these came to us perfectly aged and nicely smokey, others we gave a little attention to bring out their naughty side. Each one is poised and ready to become something new and entirely different.

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials