A Treat


“Jewelry is a treat. Though it’s not something that we “need”, it is something that we treasure. L’avenir’s goal is to make a product that lasts for generations. The new heirlooms, made from previous ones, that you can actually wear. They have made their way out of the drawer into their future. We believe that jewelry should remain special, artistically made and a means of self-expression.

We’re treating you to a look back at some of our delicious jewelry flat lays and favorite shots from over the last year.
L'avenir | Juicy15.5.17_Via's-8360L'avenir_Stock-7099L'avenir launch at Mona Williams20141118-6L'avenir | GildedL'avenir | Mila NecklaceL'avenir // Inspire me#lavenirlaunchMW_MG_34873L6A8776L'avenir_Stock-7277L'avenir | Favor NecklaceL'AVENIR | Diana Albrecht#lavenirlaunchMWL'avenir |Favor


Lady Danger

There are a lot of vintage pieces in my closet. Some of the sauciest come directly from my stepmother, who was a bit of a wild child in her day. Case in point, this Calvin Klein lace body suit from the 80’s. It’s beautiful, surprisingly comfortable and the kind of thing that never goes out of style. No matter what you pair it with it adds a feeling of lady danger and feminine mystique… and you never know when you’re gonna need to unleash that on the public.
L'avenir | Lady Danger | Michael Houser & Jen Des LauriersLavenir-14

I’ve added a simple leather moto jacket by BB Dakotah and mixed metals; a Long Key Necklace and L’avenir silver fringe earrings.

-Jen D

Photography | Michael Houser 

Anatomy of a Skeleton Key #2

Happy Friday! We are taking a little break from spreading a ton of holiday cheer to sit down and make some chain. Lately we can’t seem to check it off the to-do list because it keeps popping back on there as soon as we get it done in the first place. No complaints here, once you get in the rhythm it becomes a therapeutic project. Check out this weeks bit’s and pieces coming together into a stack of new designs.

You can find the story behind them {here} and follow the process as it unfolds on Instagram {#anatomyofaskeletonkey}

Process // Anatomy of a Skeleton Key

As we approached the design process of integrating pieces from Davina Sowers collection of trinkets and whimsical pieces, it was hard not to be drawn to the unique and intoxicatingly cool pile of skeleton keys that she had been amassing over the years. Our main challenge once choosing our focal point, was to create something that accentuated the unique nature of these vintage and antique keys, but never overpowered.  The evolution of the pieces grew, and grew, changed and reworked itself into the pieces you can find in stores, online and on the road with the musician herself.l'avenir_holiday-1As a tribute to the countless hours spent hunched over our respective work stations, we are dissecting and highlighting the intricacies of one of our most popular designs… and it makes the most sense to start with the keys..

In the beginning of the process we were lucky enough to get a few pieces from Davina to integrate into this collection. As supplies are limited we in turn were tasked with sourcing these lovelies ourselves, no problem as we are resourceful and thrifty huntresses of all things old and used. As much as we would love to tell you where we found large quantities of goodies we can’t reveal all of our secrets… but we can say that we have come across a ton of the truly old beauties at antique stores and flea markets. Keep you eyes peeled when looking for yourself, and be ready to pay up to $15 for a really beautiful one, they become more of a rarity over time and the prices aren’t getting any lower as more and more people take to collecting them. Now, we couldn’t justify just hanging them from a chain… mostly because we just couldn’t make it that easy for ourselves… We began artfully crafting necklaces from scratch using a variety of links from broken down vintage and antique chains, mixtures of crystal, repurposed bead caps and intricate accents. Each piece truly ends up being one of a kind in every sense of the phrase.

We have a fresh batch of keys heading on the road with Davina for her upcoming shows {Get her tour schedule here} and a handful going online, and off to a few fabulous holiday events in the MPLS area {stay tuned for those dates coming up this week}. You can also watch the process of the keys unfold by following us on Instagram {#anatomyofaskeletonkey}


We have spent the last year not only building up our new brand, but devising a new way of working together as a design team.  Jen and I have been fortunate enough to have the partnership that allows and promotes growth and change in our business relationship as well as within our personal lives.

My husband and I made the decision about a year ago to uproot ourselves, pack up our belongings and try a new city on for size. We started this journey about two weeks ago, and it’s been quite the adventure so far. With both of us having our own small businesses on the side, it has been a daunting task to try and start fresh on a new scene, but with the friends and family we have in tow we are confident/excited/nervous/excited and ready.

The BornsYou can follow our trip on Instagram #thebornsgowest

What does this mean for L’AVENIR!? Jen is taking on Minneapolis business and I am heading our online presence and expanding to Seattle, WA.  With the ease of communication these days, I am able to keep one foot in the Cities and another on the West Coast and we are excited to see what a new town has to offer our budding business.

Being a part of the Minneapolis scene since my college days at the U of MN I have had the opportunity to work alongside some phenomenally talented people. The community of artists, designers and shop owners in the Cities is unlike any other. I wish you all the best in your journeys and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again someday soon. For now…

Onward an upward and Westward Ho!!


Joan B

Davina | Getting to know the muse

When we approached Davina this spring to start the process of working with her we could not have been more thrilled.  An up and coming performer that embodies the strong female lead roll, stylish, gorgeous and equipped with a hell of a set of pipes. Besides loving the music we were really looking forward to transforming elements of her persona into a collection that is attainable for people who fall into a variety of different styles. The next few weeks mark the time where we start to unveil the pieces we have been pulling together for months now. To kick off the process we thought it would be fitting to introduce the muse herself:

{ Photos by Garrett Born }

{ J & J } Your style seems to be infused in everything you do, listening to your album or a performance your voice seems to coincide perfectly with the persona you embody.  How would you define this signature style?

{ D } I am a fan of simple colors with a pop of pattern or opposing color in my accessories. I lend to style’s past, 40’s and 50’s are my love. I love 40s hair, shoes, purses, jewelry and casual wear, but tend to feel that a 50s shape dress fits my curves and body type better. I love a sense of darkness in my dresses at times too. I will always hold my gothic teenage years close to my heart for fall and winter.. Black lace, velvet, petticoats.. A nice dark lipstick and heavy black eyeliner. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA and sass.

{ J & J } It has to be hard being prepared and looking so stylish while on the way to a gig. How has being a performer affected your everyday style?

{ D } It’s difficult to be perfect for every gig with the crazy schedule that I have. Also being on the road can be difficult, but I make sure that I dress to the nines regardless. I can apply eyeliner and fake lashes on the highway going 70+… When I’m not driving …
I have learned great easy up dos with my hair… Dresses help me as well. It gives me the opportunity to not have to pick separates. I am particular with my dresses though. They have to scream DAVINA!

{ J & J } There must be a few things you love to put on before a performance, what are your favorite things to wear when you’re on stage?

{ D } Petticoats and lipstick

{ J & J } When did you start collecting some of your favorite pieces?

{ D } I’ve gone through so many closet change overs. I try to sort though every six months to make room for my performance dresses. I’ve been a collector of vintage clothing since I was in JR high.. I frequented all the thrift stores in my home town weekly. I’ve always loved wearing one of a kind vintage pieces. I was  often made fun of my peers for being a bit different in my clothing selection… but screw them… I loved it and wore it proud.

{ J & J } Where are your favorite places to shop?

{ D } Vintage stores.. I have developed relationships on the road with many vintage clothing store owners. Some will even hold dresses in my size for me until I make it to their area. I have to pack light sometimes (Well, I try to pack light), if in know I am hitting a city that has my favorite stores in them. I will end up buying dresses and wearing them on that tour.. MY poor busting at the seams suitcase on those trips are ready to pop.

{ J & J } The skeleton keys are a huge draw for us when we start to define your style to our viewers. Each has so much personality it’s hard not to fall in love. What was the draw for you to start collecting the keys?

{ D } I grew up in an older home filled with stained glass, mahogany wood all around, and thick old doors to each room with a skeleton key hole.. I remember the first time I saw a skeleton key as a child. It was magical to me. I’m not sure why.. But it made me feel like I could open a secret door to a mystical place. I’ve been collecting them ever since. 

L'AVENIR // skeleton keys

Want to see more? Check out past posts on the Davina Collection {here} {here} {here} and check out the music: