Magic in Motion

Photo Oct 22, 1 06 33 PMWhen it’s this close to Halloween, and the full on lush of fall has spread into the city, there is an air of change that is as exciting as it is scary. Teaming up with self proclaimed witchy woman, photographer, Katie Essick in St. Paul’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood we captured some magic one bright autumn morning. It was a stunning outcome as Madeleine stomped around in the crisp air with hints of warmth from the fleeting sun. Too cool for winter, too hot for summer. Only fall can feel this way.

Photo Oct 22, 1 06 43 PM
Photo Oct 22, 1 07 07 PM
Photo Oct 22, 1 07 35 PM
Photo Oct 22, 1 07 42 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 09 20 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 08 46 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 08 36 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 08 58 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 09 03 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 09 29 PM

Photographer: Katie Essick
Model: Madeleine Davidson
H&MUA / Stylist: Jen Des Lauriers



A Treat


“Jewelry is a treat. Though it’s not something that we “need”, it is something that we treasure. L’avenir’s goal is to make a product that lasts for generations. The new heirlooms, made from previous ones, that you can actually wear. They have made their way out of the drawer into their future. We believe that jewelry should remain special, artistically made and a means of self-expression.

We’re treating you to a look back at some of our delicious jewelry flat lays and favorite shots from over the last year.
L'avenir | Juicy15.5.17_Via's-8360L'avenir_Stock-7099L'avenir launch at Mona Williams20141118-6L'avenir | GildedL'avenir | Mila NecklaceL'avenir // Inspire me#lavenirlaunchMW_MG_34873L6A8776L'avenir_Stock-7277L'avenir | Favor NecklaceL'AVENIR | Diana Albrecht#lavenirlaunchMWL'avenir |Favor

Spring Break Necessories

Here in Minneapolis there too few occasions to get a swim suit on, let alone accessorize your poolside look. The winter here is a relentless minimum of 6 months and the only thing that keeps you going is the promise of Spring Break! Doesn’t matter how grand your plans are for a getaway, as long as you can get away to somewhere that has sunshine. When packing for a warm weather vacations, there are certain accessories that make it in the suit case every time.

Necessory [nuh-ses-uh-ree] Noun plural necessories

1. An essential, indispensable article of dress that adds completeness to one’s basic outfit
2. Used to add attractiveness
3. You can’t live without it

NecessoriesNecessories Necessories Necessories

Bohemian Boardwalk

Another happenstance of a beautiful day burst through the rainclouds and showered the city of Seattle with a bit of sunshine. GB and I made the trek down from First Hill to the Pier and snapped a few as the sun set into the Olympics.

Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-3Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-4Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-7Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-9Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-13Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-15You may notice a recurring theme, as this is my third straight style post dawning a hat. What can I say, I’m a fan… I went 70’s this time and paired it with my favorite fringe top and pair of longer necklaces.   I’m wearing a thrifted blue felt hat, The Passerine Necklace, and two items from my personal stash; a 1940’s amazingly amazing Art Deco style amber sterling ring from Via’s Vintage and a recycled crystal and pearl necklace.

Photography by Garrett Born

Favorite Things // Capriccio Bracelet

The Capriccio Bracelet, from our latest collection of statement pieces captured our hearts with it’s versatility and elegance. Centered around a charming vintage brooch, this bracelet commands attention from across the room. The intensely vibrant rhinestones catches light at every angle, and an understated mix of antiqued chains adds depth and character.  Capriccio Bracelet | L'avenir Capriccio Bracelet | L'avenir Photos | Garrett Born // H&MU | Jen Des Lauriers // Styling | Joan Born // Model | Lydia Mae

The source

Many of our designs happen organically from our base materials. Start with a stunning centerpiece and build around it, add on, refine, tweak and we are left with something entirely new and different. For our line of key necklaces we started with our muse and our materials, added, subtracted, redesigned and perfected. Key necklaces and the materials that make them | L'avenirA staple in our collection and lovable wardrobe addition, these pieces are making the rounds. We recently came across an impressive collection of antique skeleton keys that are just begging to be redesigned.Skeleton Key Collection | L'avenirStay tuned as these pretties transform themselves {#anatomyofaskeletonkey} into a new batch of one kind necklaces and hit the online shop.

Photos by Garrett Born Photography 

I do – You do.

The beginning of the year always has us prepping for wedding season. As we dug out our cream of the crop rhinestone pieces and all the white, off-white, cream and blush fabrics, inspiration started to flow. L’avenir’s Minneapolis headquarters has honed in on some beautiful statement earrings, while Seattle’s main focus has been on feathery fascinators and intricate beading.



While we have our strengths in different arenas, we use team work and communicate daily to allow for creativity to harness itself. If the juices are flowing over there on jewelry, hand sewing might be what’s working here. Apart, we are able to collaborate in a new and exciting way, our creativity being fueled with differing perspectives. You can watch the process unfold through our Instagram account and find these pieces in person exclusively at Via’s Vintage.