A Treat


“Jewelry is a treat. Though it’s not something that we “need”, it is something that we treasure. L’avenir’s goal is to make a product that lasts for generations. The new heirlooms, made from previous ones, that you can actually wear. They have made their way out of the drawer into their future. We believe that jewelry should remain special, artistically made and a means of self-expression.

We’re treating you to a look back at some of our delicious jewelry flat lays and favorite shots from over the last year.
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Sylvan Necklace

L’avenir | Garrett Born Photography | Model Clare Mancl | MUA  Jen Des Lauriers

This stunning centerpiece had been hanging around the jewelry box for a little too long. We made it into a hairpiece and it just didn’t pop in the right way so we brought it back to the drawing board (at just the right time). We had been completing a series of pieces with these elegant groupings of antique mixed metal chain tassels. Once we added a few to the bottom, the lightbulb that typically alerts us of awesome-ness in the works lit up the room. Mission accomplished.


Just the right amount of richness, this antique pendant has the shape and depth reminiscent of the 1930’s with the bright rhinestones of the 1950’s. Stunning as it was, the added chain fringe adds a modern and casual sensibility. Paired with a vibrant masculine chain it comes together as a commanding statement.

L'avenir | Sylvan Necklace

L'avenir | Sylvan Necklace

L'avenir | Sylvan Necklace

L'avenir | Sylvan Necklace

Pocket Necklace

I’ve got some time dear
now that you’re not here.
I’m gonna write you a love song and let you know how I feel.
Well it’s been so many years now, we’ve both got our ups and our downs.
Now theres’s nothing gonna tear us apart
No, no, because you’ve got it!
You’ve got my heart in your pocket, bring it out when you want love.
{oh just listen}

A compelling mixture of color and texture come together to create an artful chain necklace with an antique skeleton key pendant. Dress them up, dress them down, each necklace is one of a kind and utilizes a neutral color palette to compliment any outfit. Pocket utilizes the lightest mixed metal vintage chain and links and our dainty antique skeleton keys. {shop Pocket online}

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

Swank Necklace

L'avenir This one is a bit of a controversy. Pretty and versatile as the Swank necklace is, Jen is having a hard time saying goodbye. But being that ‘this the season of giving love and spreading joy, this beauty will be on sale at the Minneapolis sample sale on Dec 5th. Merry tidings and gifty lovely jewelry to you!


Garrett Born Photography | MUA Pricilla Bruce | Model Clare Mancl | Dress Flutter Boutique

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Chrome Necklace

Garrett Born Photography | Model Clare Mancl | MUA Jen Des Lauriers

“Don’t you worry, I made all my friends stay home. It’s just you and me the way I dreamed. A dance for lipstick and chrome. I’ve got a swing in my step. Nothing could go wrong. I’ve got a mouth full of honey and a head full of dancing songs.”

A favorite and a staple, vibrant heavy duty chain and lustrous crystals come together to house a unique skeleton key. No two the same… because, you know… it’s kind of our thing. {shop Chrome online}

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