Calen | Photo series by Ninethirty

L'avenir | Ninethirty | Calen Dehen

When Ninethirty came to town, they captured these stunning images of one of a kind Ensign necklace and various picks form our Details Collection. Simply paired with black, the textures and luxe color palette almost melt into her persona. Beautiful girl with a few surprises in store. Engaging fringe details dance along with her every move.  She believes that when in doubt, let your accessories do the talking.

L'avenir | Ninethirty | Calen Dehen

L'avenir | Ninethirty | Calen Dehen

Photographer: Garrett Born for Ninethirty
Model: Calen Dehen
H&MUA / Stylist: Jen Des Lauriers / Joan Born
Jewelry (in order): Ensign Necklace / Couture (online soon) & Favor Necklace / Grace Earrings / Spire Earrings


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