Magic in Motion

Photo Oct 22, 1 06 33 PMWhen it’s this close to Halloween, and the full on lush of fall has spread into the city, there is an air of change that is as exciting as it is scary. Teaming up with self proclaimed witchy woman, photographer, Katie Essick in St. Paul’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood we captured some magic one bright autumn morning. It was a stunning outcome as Madeleine stomped around in the crisp air with hints of warmth from the fleeting sun. Too cool for winter, too hot for summer. Only fall can feel this way.

Photo Oct 22, 1 06 43 PM
Photo Oct 22, 1 07 07 PM
Photo Oct 22, 1 07 35 PM
Photo Oct 22, 1 07 42 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 09 20 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 08 46 PM

Photo Oct 22, 1 08 36 PM

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Photo Oct 22, 1 09 29 PM

Photographer: Katie Essick
Model: Madeleine Davidson
H&MUA / Stylist: Jen Des Lauriers



A Treat


“Jewelry is a treat. Though it’s not something that we “need”, it is something that we treasure. L’avenir’s goal is to make a product that lasts for generations. The new heirlooms, made from previous ones, that you can actually wear. They have made their way out of the drawer into their future. We believe that jewelry should remain special, artistically made and a means of self-expression.

We’re treating you to a look back at some of our delicious jewelry flat lays and favorite shots from over the last year.
L'avenir | Juicy15.5.17_Via's-8360L'avenir_Stock-7099L'avenir launch at Mona Williams20141118-6L'avenir | GildedL'avenir | Mila NecklaceL'avenir // Inspire me#lavenirlaunchMW_MG_34873L6A8776L'avenir_Stock-7277L'avenir | Favor NecklaceL'AVENIR | Diana Albrecht#lavenirlaunchMWL'avenir |Favor

Shine on

Keeping a positive attitude is essential in life and especially important in the month of March in MPLS. Everyone has had it with winter, though a few warmer days peek through, we know we’re not in the clear until well after March, the snowiest of all months. Dressing for spring weather in MN is a crap shoot, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten caught with way too much on, or worse, way too little, but I simply can’t wait any longer. I dug out my summer clothes and I’ve decided to will the season forward through interpretive dress.Shine on | L'avenirShine on | L'avenirShine on | L'avenir

This cutie one shoulder dress is perfect as it is navy and doesn’t completely read “summer”. I love the little star pattern, it pairs well with a little extra sparkle, the chevron twinkle tights. Feeling sassy as I always do in my suede fringe boots, I realized I need a sweater or people are going to think I’m insane. Enter the adorable ( and ever so versatile) 1940’s sweater with beaded collar. Joan urged me to buy this and she couldn’t have been more right on. It’s so ladylike and shapely, and even though it has a beaded collar and fancy rhinestone buttons, it has an understated quality that makes it dressy or casual. For jewels, I went with a stack of bracelets with silver clear and aurora sparkle. My grandfather, Martin, refers to my ‘diamonds’ as those “Canardlee Diamonds” as in “you can hardly see ’em”. Charming as ever, Gramps still has a twinkle in his eye and maybe the most positive attitude of anyone I know.

Photos by Michael Houser

Driftwood Sunset

We wrapped up another beautiful day in the neighborhood by making our way down to the Olympic Sculpture Park. There is a small rocky beach surrounded by driftwood, creating this amphitheater for watching the sunset. There is something so magical about the the change of color that happens as the sun sinks into the horizon.
L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-3L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-6L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-9L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-10L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-11L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-18L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-15I went with my favorite everyday dress in navy, it’s perfect for everything. Flattering, easy, and neutral I can dress it up or down. Today I paired it with periwinkle tights overlain with a fabulous burgundy Missoni print. The big cozy scarf comes from my husband, I gifted it to him a few years back and he never wears it… somehow it keeps creeping its way into my wardrobe. I stacked a pile of vintage bangles with our Innovat Bracelet, and I have a Key Necklace and pair of crystal earrings from my personal stash. Lastly a pair of pumps I scored at June a few years back.

Photos by Garrett Born

Bohemian Boardwalk

Another happenstance of a beautiful day burst through the rainclouds and showered the city of Seattle with a bit of sunshine. GB and I made the trek down from First Hill to the Pier and snapped a few as the sun set into the Olympics.

Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-3Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-4Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-7Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-9Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-13Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-15You may notice a recurring theme, as this is my third straight style post dawning a hat. What can I say, I’m a fan… I went 70’s this time and paired it with my favorite fringe top and pair of longer necklaces.   I’m wearing a thrifted blue felt hat, The Passerine Necklace, and two items from my personal stash; a 1940’s amazingly amazing Art Deco style amber sterling ring from Via’s Vintage and a recycled crystal and pearl necklace.

Photography by Garrett Born

Studded Denim

I had every intention of hopping around in puddles with my big ol’ umbrella this afternoon, since the rain didn’t seam to be going anywhere. Garrett and I went out for some pho and… tadaa!! Clouds parted and that glorious Seattle sunshine broke through. As the day wore thin I tossed the rain gear aside (less the Hunters) and we chased the last bit of sunlight through the Freeway Park into downtown. 

Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR -6I’ll call this my uniform. Easy black dress, tights in a variety of shades and colors, jean jacket and boots. I mentioned easy right? Comfort being key, I try and hone in on pieces that have a little something extra (enter studded denim… ). I’m also wearing a brand new design and one of my personal favorites at the moment, that goofy old time-y car bracelet and my very own delicate key necklace. Both of these items are coming to Canary Salon in Capitol Hill {very very soon}. Oh, and how could I leave out my all time favorite lip shade from Elixery!

Photos by Garrett Born Photography

Mis-matched sox and polka dots

I’ve never been one for sox, they are my least favorite clothing item and I can never seem to find a match. Shoes and I, on the other hand have a long history of a love affair. Lord knows my heart skipped a beat when I came across these Seychelles brand boots. Such a saucy, rich leather. “Gimme those” may have actually came out of my mouth at first sight. Just when you think that your shoe collection is well rounded… it’s hard to say no to a good pair of boots.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMeanwhile, everybody loves this silly cherry red polka dotted shirt I found for uber cheap at the TJ Maxx. I love it because it’s a shirt I can wear all year long that adds a bright pop of color to every outfit. Skinny jeans. Cozy sweater. Layers (because it’s freezing here in the Twin Cities).I balance out the girly-girl action with some solid gold. Grandpa’s 14k chain. Grandpa passed in 2003, his name was George and he was the bomb! I feel lucky to have this chain. My husband wears it from time to time and I do too. It’s heavy, but warm on my skin and brings back sweet memories of Gramps who was hilarious.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Topping off this outfit is the ultimate accessory, glasses. Now, these are the pair that have come to be known as, “my glasses, which nobody seems to like….” They are vintage, Rochas brand, made in Paris. Yeah. Blue lace in between clear layers. Another ‘ gimme gimme’ moment, I love to have a one of a kind piece and I love vintage. Wearing glasses is brave, it’s not for everyone. Now that I’ve debuted this supreme pair, it’s catching on. Just goes to show you, if you are true to yourself and wear things confidently, it works. It just works.

Processed with VSCOcam