Take Me Higher

There is one positive about your good friends moving to another city, getting to visit! I am a big proponent of trying new things especially when it comes to travel. From a young age I had the travel bug and have always pictured myself living elsewhere. Over the years I have considered NYC, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and even West Palm Beach. When I met and fell in love with a man who had a son, I knew I would be sticking close to home. Minneapoils is a great place to be, though I am falling in love with a place they call the Emerald City more and more every time I go there.

Wanting to experience Seattle in a whole different way this trip, Joan and I planned new neighborhoods to explore and a full day of outdoors, nature and hiking. While a little out of my element, I found myself becoming perfectly comfortable climbing the trail up Mt. Si surrounded by lush green mossy forest. It was just gorgeous.

We met a couple of cute creatures along the way, goofed off a bit and snapped a few pictures; but upon reaching the top we took some time to sit and soak in the beauty. It was a welcome reprieve to a few days of shopping and jewelry making, getting to stretch our legs and enjoy the natural sights the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

-Jen D


Together Again

Like no time at all had passed, Joan and I immediately lapsed into the jewelry making tag team that we are. Within hours of touching down in Seattle, we had the entire living and dining rooms of the Borns’ cozy new apartment dominated by projects in the making. There was no time to lose, my visit was only three days and it was to be a fated excursion for reconnecting and taking care of business.

First off the the Fremont Market early Sunday morning. Caffeine fueled, and excited for the hunt, we weren’t finding much until we met a lovely vendor named, Cil. Cil had so many treasures and seemed to be excited to see her jewelry in the hands of ladies are going to give it a new future. It had been too long since Joan and I had found such great materials so we went ahead and spent our full budget with Cil and told her we’d be back to see her again soon.

With a¬†full satchel¬†of jewelry in hand we had to have an immediate sit down, get a little beverage and look through what we just scored! As is tradition, after we look, touch and feel, we have the jewelry lottery round pick. I pick, you pick, it’s very strategic. Ok, not really, but it ends up to be pretty fair. Really it didn’t matter too much because a lot of the beauties we bought inspired a surge of creative juices flowing and we’re transformed into their future by the end if that very same day.


Bohemian Boardwalk

Another happenstance of a beautiful day burst through the rainclouds and showered the city of Seattle with a bit of sunshine. GB and I made the trek down from First Hill to the Pier and snapped a few as the sun set into the Olympics.

Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-3Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-4Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-7Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-9Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-13Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-15You may notice a recurring theme, as this is my third straight style post dawning a hat. What can I say, I’m a fan… I went 70’s this time and paired it with my favorite fringe top and pair of longer necklaces. ¬† I’m wearing a thrifted blue felt hat, The Passerine¬†Necklace, and two items from my personal stash; a 1940’s amazingly amazing Art Deco style amber sterling ring from Via’s Vintage and a recycled crystal and pearl necklace.

Photography by Garrett Born

Studded Denim

I had every intention of hopping around in puddles with my big ol’ umbrella this afternoon, since the rain didn’t seam to be going anywhere. Garrett and I went out for some pho and‚Ķ tadaa!! Clouds parted and that glorious Seattle sunshine broke through. As the day wore thin I tossed the rain gear aside (less the Hunters) and¬†we chased the last bit of sunlight through the Freeway Park into downtown.¬†

Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR Studded denim | L'AVENIR -6I’ll call this my uniform. Easy black dress, tights in a variety of shades and colors, jean jacket and boots. I mentioned easy right? Comfort being key, I try and hone in on pieces that have a little something extra (enter studded denim‚Ķ ). I’m also wearing a brand new design and one of my personal favorites at the moment, that goofy old time-y car bracelet and my very own delicate key necklace. Both of these items are coming to Canary Salon in Capitol Hill {very very soon}. Oh, and how could I leave out my all time favorite lip shade from Elixery!

Photos by Garrett Born Photography

Style // Mixed Prints


Sometimes I can’t help but break the rules a little. Prints on prints has always made me swoon, even if in the subtlest way.
L'avenir Mixed Prints-1 L'avenir Mixed Prints-4 L'avenir Mixed Prints-5 L'avenir Mixed Prints-10L'avenir Mixed Prints-6L'avenir Mixed Prints-11 L'avenir Mixed Prints-13 L'avenir Mixed Prints-14 L'avenir Mixed Prints-17I’m wearing thrifted peplum dress and boots from b. (resale) | Access Necklace | Chain bracelet {new, similar here} | Polka dot tights, cozy hat¬†and sweater from Target | Hazel a-line jacket from TJ Maxx | Photos by Garrett Born Photography

Winter Warmth // A send off to 2013

As the days sped closer and closer to the New Year, we couldn’t help but find ourselves contemplating the year past. ¬†Jen and I have had such a build up as we entered our second year as L’avenir. With changes abound in our personal and professional lives, each day we become ever grateful for the creative outlet we have in this brand and this blog.l'avenir_holiday-113

Before I made my move to Seattle, Jen, Garrett and I were shooting some holiday style shots for the website. As our last shot of the day we had Lydia in a fabulous Lilly Ann coat from Via’s Vintage¬†and a few of our latest accessories. As it usually happens we get a some our favorite shots of the day towards the end, these are the photos when your collective vision shines through and it just seems to get beautiful.

Lydia Mae for L'avenir | Photographed by Garrett BornLydia Mae for L'avenir | Photographed by Garrl'avenir_holiday-119l'avenir_holiday-120l'avenir_holiday-126

Photos |¬†Garrett Born¬†// H&MU |¬†Jen Des Lauriers¬†// Styling | Joan Born // Model |¬†Lydia Mae¬†¬†// Coat | Via’s Vintage // Hat | Bracelet | Turban | Earrings¬†

It almost feels kismet, having the pleasure of shooting in Jen’s new salon space {The Salon at Get Lazed} with her on hair and makeup as usual. Using pieces from Via’s, our first Minneapolis location and by far our biggest supporter through the beginning of this brand. Working with Garrett who has come so far with us, since some of our first shots together, and never ceases to impress us with his eye. We also welcomed back the beautiful Lydia Mae, who wowed us this spring. The day was such a good wrap up to a fantastic year together, we thank you kindly for following us through it all, and we are ever hopeful for what 2014 has in store for us.

Happy New Year!

Joan & Jen 


We have spent the last year not only building up our new brand, but devising a new way of working together as a design team.  Jen and I have been fortunate enough to have the partnership that allows and promotes growth and change in our business relationship as well as within our personal lives.

My husband and I made the decision about a year ago to uproot ourselves, pack up our belongings and try a new city on for size. We started this journey about two weeks ago, and it’s been quite the adventure so far. With both of us having our own small businesses on the side, it has been a daunting task to try and start fresh on a new scene, but with the friends and family we have in tow we are confident/excited/nervous/excited and ready.

The BornsYou can follow our trip on Instagram #thebornsgowest

What does this mean for L’AVENIR!? Jen is taking on Minneapolis business and I am heading our online presence and expanding to Seattle, WA. ¬†With the ease of communication these days, I am able to keep one foot in the Cities and another on the West Coast and we are excited to see what a new town has to offer our budding business.

Being a part of the Minneapolis scene since my college days at the U of MN I have had the opportunity to work alongside some phenomenally talented people. The community of artists, designers and shop owners in the Cities is unlike any other. I wish you all the best in your journeys and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again someday soon. For now…

Onward an upward and Westward Ho!!


Joan B