Bohemian Boardwalk

Another happenstance of a beautiful day burst through the rainclouds and showered the city of Seattle with a bit of sunshine. GB and I made the trek down from First Hill to the Pier and snapped a few as the sun set into the Olympics.

Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-3Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-4Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-7Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-9Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-13Bohemian Boardwalk_L'AVENIR-15You may notice a recurring theme, as this is my third straight style post dawning a hat. What can I say, I’m a fan… I went 70’s this time and paired it with my favorite fringe top and pair of longer necklaces. ¬† I’m wearing a thrifted blue felt hat, The Passerine¬†Necklace, and two items from my personal stash; a 1940’s amazingly amazing Art Deco style amber sterling ring from Via’s Vintage and a recycled crystal and pearl necklace.

Photography by Garrett Born


The source

Many of our designs happen organically from our base materials. Start with a stunning centerpiece and build around it, add on, refine, tweak and we are left with something entirely new and different. For our line of key necklaces we started with our muse and our materials, added, subtracted, redesigned and perfected. Key necklaces and the materials that make them | L'avenirA staple in our collection and lovable wardrobe addition, these pieces are making the rounds. We recently came across an impressive collection of antique skeleton keys that are just begging to be redesigned.Skeleton Key Collection | L'avenirStay tuned as these pretties transform themselves {#anatomyofaskeletonkey} into a new batch of one kind necklaces and hit the online shop.

Photos by Garrett Born Photography 

Style // Mixed Prints


Sometimes I can’t help but break the rules a little. Prints on prints has always made me swoon, even if in the subtlest way.
L'avenir Mixed Prints-1 L'avenir Mixed Prints-4 L'avenir Mixed Prints-5 L'avenir Mixed Prints-10L'avenir Mixed Prints-6L'avenir Mixed Prints-11 L'avenir Mixed Prints-13 L'avenir Mixed Prints-14 L'avenir Mixed Prints-17I’m wearing thrifted peplum dress and boots from b. (resale) | Access Necklace | Chain bracelet {new, similar here} | Polka dot tights, cozy hat¬†and sweater from Target | Hazel a-line jacket from TJ Maxx | Photos by Garrett Born Photography

Favorite things // Berg√©re

Bergére Necklace, from our latest collection of one of a kind pieces, truly stands out as one of our favorite pieces. Outstanding layers of decadence come together in a veritable celebration of lavish style. Sleek silver chain, dazzling rhinestone marquis, and tassels play effortlessly off each other, draping the décolleté in glamour.l'avenir_holiday-46#1337_2Photos | Garrett Born // H&MU | Jen Des Lauriers // Styling | Joan Born // Model | Lydia Mae 

Before and After // Vendome Necklace

While maintaing a one of a kind ideal is our priority, we are attempting to create a limited quantity of some of our items for our up and coming online shop.  This has changed the way we shop, deconstruct and design entirely.  We are now focused on looking for pieces that can be spread out through several replications of a design.  With this in mind, we are hunting for items that have a multitude of components that are the same, crystal necklaces are a literal jackpot for us giving us the most versatility.  When we came across this Vendome necklace at an antique shop in Hastings we saw so many possibilities.

Vendome Crystal NecklaceAs a part of our newest collection, see what became of this fabulous vintage piece:

L'AVENIR // crystal bullett earringsA few of the smaller crystals tipped the ends of our long shoulder duster earrings, and the fantastic double cone shaped crystals were the centerpieces for these bullet-esque earrings.¬†Davina CollectionDon’t fret! These stunners will be available soon on our new online shop, coming out at the end of the month as a part of our Davina Collection. ¬†With only four available, be sure to stay tuned for their release date.



Behind the Scenes // Fall 13 Look Book

After an excellent day of shooting with Davina a few weeks back, we couldn’t wait to get back at it again. The goal this time around was to get a few of our newest pieces in front of the lens for the up and coming online shop, and we took advantage of this day as an opportunity to style the looks in a few very different ways.

The usual team gathered again, Hair and Makeup by Jen Des Lauriers, Photos by Garrett Born and art direction by Joan Born; add into the mix fresh faced designer and Via’s shop girl Behtsee Millman and things just started clicking.

And our the biggest star…..The jewelry