IMG_5754.JPGb. Resale is being celebrated for an amazing five years in business. We absolutely adore Mrs. Bross-White and what she has brought to the second hand shopping experience. Defining a style called street wear, b. has a funky curated vibe that stems from 80’s and 90’s mixed with modern edge.

IMG_5751.JPGHaven’t been in yet? What are you waiting for?! Check out her constantly updating collection of thrifty threads: Tuesday thru Friday 11am ‚Äď 7pm | Saturday 10am ‚Äď 7pm | Sunday 12pm ‚Äď 5pm at 2613 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408.¬†(b. is bagless, so bring your own or cop one of their¬†reusables) and keep up with them on Instagram for the latest arrivals.


Shine on

Keeping a positive attitude is essential in life and especially important in the month of March in MPLS. Everyone has had it with winter, though a few warmer days peek through, we know we’re not in the clear until well after March, the snowiest of all months. Dressing for spring weather in MN is a crap shoot, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten caught with way too much on, or worse, way too little, but I simply can’t wait any longer. I dug out my summer clothes and I’ve decided to will the season forward through interpretive dress.Shine on | L'avenirShine on | L'avenirShine on | L'avenir

This cutie one shoulder dress is perfect as it is navy and doesn’t completely read “summer”. I love the little star pattern, it pairs well with a little extra sparkle, the chevron twinkle tights. Feeling sassy as I always do in my suede fringe boots, I realized I need a sweater or people are going to think I’m insane. Enter the adorable ( and ever so versatile) 1940’s sweater with beaded collar. Joan urged me to buy this and she couldn’t have been more right on. It’s so ladylike and shapely, and even though it has a beaded collar and fancy rhinestone buttons, it has an understated quality that makes it dressy or casual. For jewels, I went with a stack of bracelets with silver clear and aurora sparkle. My grandfather, Martin, refers to my ‘diamonds’ as those “Canardlee Diamonds” as in “you can hardly see ’em”. Charming as ever, Gramps still has a twinkle in his eye and maybe the most positive attitude of anyone I know.

Photos by Michael Houser

Flower power

I feel I’m doing my part to bring on warmer weather with a little flower power! Love this DVF mini dress for its shape and versatility. The cut of it is pretty much genius, but isn’t celebrating the woman’s body¬†what DVF does best? This dress stays in the running all year round despite it’s not-so-modest hemline. I wear it occasionally with a nude pump in the summer when I want to feel leggy.Flower Power | L'avenirFlower Power | L'avenir Flower Power | L'avenirJoan and I tagged team this amazing tassel necklace but I like to take full credit for it whenever I can. It’s truly a work of art, so summery with the white and gold. Even though we’re still caked with a thick layer of icy frost here in MN, I’m running around in color and floral print from here on out. My hot new boots are really the only thing reminiscent of winter as they crush through snow and ice with their extra high non-slip rubber heel. These were a find and a half from local resale store, b. resale.

Photos by Michael Houser

Winter Warmth // A send off to 2013

As the days sped closer and closer to the New Year, we couldn’t help but find ourselves contemplating the year past. ¬†Jen and I have had such a build up as we entered our second year as L’avenir. With changes abound in our personal and professional lives, each day we become ever grateful for the creative outlet we have in this brand and this blog.l'avenir_holiday-113

Before I made my move to Seattle, Jen, Garrett and I were shooting some holiday style shots for the website. As our last shot of the day we had Lydia in a fabulous Lilly Ann coat from Via’s Vintage¬†and a few of our latest accessories. As it usually happens we get a some our favorite shots of the day towards the end, these are the photos when your collective vision shines through and it just seems to get beautiful.

Lydia Mae for L'avenir | Photographed by Garrett BornLydia Mae for L'avenir | Photographed by Garrl'avenir_holiday-119l'avenir_holiday-120l'avenir_holiday-126

Photos |¬†Garrett Born¬†// H&MU |¬†Jen Des Lauriers¬†// Styling | Joan Born // Model |¬†Lydia Mae¬†¬†// Coat | Via’s Vintage // Hat | Bracelet | Turban | Earrings¬†

It almost feels kismet, having the pleasure of shooting in Jen’s new salon space {The Salon at Get Lazed} with her on hair and makeup as usual. Using pieces from Via’s, our first Minneapolis location and by far our biggest supporter through the beginning of this brand. Working with Garrett who has come so far with us, since some of our first shots together, and never ceases to impress us with his eye. We also welcomed back the beautiful Lydia Mae, who wowed us this spring. The day was such a good wrap up to a fantastic year together, we thank you kindly for following us through it all, and we are ever hopeful for what 2014 has in store for us.

Happy New Year!

Joan & Jen 

Shop small // Get treats

Saturday November 30th you have the opportunity, nay, the pleasure of supporting businesses in your community by making the choice to shop small. ¬†I lieu of darting through crowds of discount shoppers this weekend, pop into your favorite local gift shop and make the choice to support businesses that truly need your patronage. Choose to put your dollars into the hands of hardworking entrepreneurs, creative individuals, and artisans alike.¬†For every $1 spent at local businesses, 45¬Ę is reinvested locally, in addition more tax dollars go to schools and roads in your community. Local businesses¬†value, respect and appreciate your patronage. Shift the curve this year, start the trend, shop consciously and shop small.

shop small // get treats at LAVENIRDESIGN.COMIn honor of the day we are giving it right back to you. Shop local, get treats… like… 20% off your entire purchase (SWEET) and complimentary super adorable gift wrapping on all LAVENIRDESIGN.COM purchases (TOTALLY AWESOME!!) Just use the code “shopsmall” at checkout.

So let’s reiterate… you shop small, in your lazy Saturday outfit, in your living room, and get treats. Have you marked your calendar yet? Saturday, November 30th – December 2nd. Want to know more about where you can show your support on the day in question? Check out a few of these small business resources to find fun new places that need you.

Small Business Saturday (and on FB) (and on Twitter)
Map your route 
Buy Local Twin Cities 
And a few of our MPLS favorite shops and artisans
b. (resale)
Via’s Vintage
Get Lazed
You & Me 

Davina // Launched

Today is the day! We are so happy to announce the launch of our Davina Sowers inspired collection and a brand new online shop. ¬†To kick off the collection we will be debuting Davina’s Keys at her sold out show at the Dakota Jazz Club tonight and pairing up with Tim & Thom to accent their VS collections at Gallery13, tickets still available here or at the door.

L'AVENIR | Davina | Fall 13 L'AVENIR | Davina | Fall 13 L'AVENIR | Davina | Fall 13 L'AVENIR | Davina | Fall 13 L'AVENIR | Davina | Fall 13 L'AVENIR | Davina | Fall 13Photography | Garrett Born // Hair and Makeup | Jen Des Lauriers // Art Direction | Joan Born // Model | Behtsee Millman

Shop the looks at LAVENIRDESIGN.COM!