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Many of our designs happen organically from our base materials. Start with a stunning centerpiece and build around it, add on, refine, tweak and we are left with something entirely new and different. For our line of key necklaces we started with our muse and our materials, added, subtracted, redesigned and perfected. Key necklaces and the materials that make them | L'avenirA staple in our collection and lovable wardrobe addition, these pieces are making the rounds. We recently came across an impressive collection of antique skeleton keys that are just begging to be redesigned.Skeleton Key Collection | L'avenirStay tuned as these pretties transform themselves {#anatomyofaskeletonkey} into a new batch of one kind necklaces and hit the online shop.

Photos by Garrett Born Photography 


Anatomy of a Skeleton Key #2

Happy Friday! We are taking a little break from spreading a ton of holiday cheer to sit down and make some chain. Lately we can’t seem to check it off the to-do list because it keeps popping back on there as soon as we get it done in the first place. No complaints here, once you get in the rhythm it becomes a therapeutic project. Check out this weeks bit’s and pieces coming together into a stack of new designs.

You can find the story behind them {here} and follow the process as it unfolds on Instagram {#anatomyofaskeletonkey}

Process // Anatomy of a Skeleton Key

As we approached the design process of integrating pieces from Davina Sowers collection of trinkets and whimsical pieces, it was hard not to be drawn to the unique and intoxicatingly cool pile of skeleton keys that she had been amassing over the years. Our main challenge once choosing our focal point, was to create something that accentuated the unique nature of these vintage and antique keys, but never overpowered.  The evolution of the pieces grew, and grew, changed and reworked itself into the pieces you can find in stores, online and on the road with the musician herself.l'avenir_holiday-1As a tribute to the countless hours spent hunched over our respective work stations, we are dissecting and highlighting the intricacies of one of our most popular designs… and it makes the most sense to start with the keys..

In the beginning of the process we were lucky enough to get a few pieces from Davina to integrate into this collection. As supplies are limited we in turn were tasked with sourcing these lovelies ourselves, no problem as we are resourceful and thrifty huntresses of all things old and used. As much as we would love to tell you where we found large quantities of goodies we can’t reveal all of our secrets… but we can say that we have come across a ton of the truly old beauties at antique stores and flea markets. Keep you eyes peeled when looking for yourself, and be ready to pay up to $15 for a really beautiful one, they become more of a rarity over time and the prices aren’t getting any lower as more and more people take to collecting them. Now, we couldn’t justify just hanging them from a chain‚Ķ mostly because we just couldn’t make it that easy for ourselves‚Ķ We began artfully crafting necklaces from scratch using a variety of links from broken down vintage and antique chains, mixtures of crystal, repurposed bead caps and intricate accents. Each piece truly ends up being one of a kind in every sense of the phrase.

We have a fresh batch of keys heading on the road with Davina for her upcoming shows {Get her tour schedule here} and a handful going online, and off to a few fabulous holiday events in the MPLS area {stay tuned for those dates coming up this week}. You can also watch the process of the keys unfold by following us on Instagram {#anatomyofaskeletonkey}