Pocket Necklace

I’ve got some time dear
now that you’re not here.
I’m gonna write you a love song and let you know how I feel.
Well it’s been so many years now, we’ve both got our ups and our downs.
Now theres’s nothing gonna tear us apart
No, no, because you’ve got it!
You’ve got my heart in your pocket, bring it out when you want love.
{oh just listen}

A compelling mixture of color and texture come together to create an artful chain necklace with an antique skeleton key pendant. Dress them up, dress them down, each necklace is one of a kind and utilizes a neutral color palette to compliment any outfit. Pocket utilizes the lightest mixed metal vintage chain and links and our dainty antique skeleton keys. {shop Pocket online}

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace

L'avenir | Pocket Necklace


Vagabond Necklace

The sister to our Chrome Necklace, Vagabond has the same elements with a lighter feel. Featuring vibrant vintage crystals and mixed metals¬†it’s neutral palate is perfect for everyday wear. {shop Vagabond¬†online}
L'avenir | Vagabond Necklace

L'avenir | Vagabond Necklace

Photographer Garrett Born | Model Margaret Sinarath | MUA Pricilla Bruce | Clothing from Mona Williams


Chrome Necklace

Garrett Born Photography | Model Clare Mancl | MUA Jen Des Lauriers

“Don’t you worry, I made all my friends stay home. It’s just you and me the way I dreamed. A dance for lipstick and chrome. I’ve got a swing in my step. Nothing could go wrong. I’ve got a mouth full of honey and a head full of dancing songs.”

A favorite and a staple, vibrant heavy duty chain and lustrous crystals come together to house a unique skeleton key. No two the same… because, you know… it’s kind of our thing. {shop Chrome online}

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Favorite Things // The Littlest Key

Yay! New products. It’s always an exciting day when we get to unleash newness on our website. Today we are talking up our latest addition to the line of Davina Sowers inspired Key Necklaces. It’s understated and wearable, incorporating the unique nature of our other pieces in a simple and intriguing way.


You can find these little lovelies {Online | Canary Salon Seattle | Get Lazed MPLS | and coming soon to Via’s Vintage MPLS}

Photography | Michael Houser

The source

Many of our designs happen organically from our base materials. Start with a stunning centerpiece and build around it, add on, refine, tweak and we are left with something entirely new and different. For our line of key necklaces we started with our muse and our materials, added, subtracted, redesigned and perfected. Key necklaces and the materials that make them | L'avenirA staple in our collection and lovable wardrobe addition, these pieces are making the rounds. We recently came across an impressive collection of antique skeleton keys that are just begging to be redesigned.Skeleton Key Collection | L'avenirStay tuned as these pretties transform themselves {#anatomyofaskeletonkey} into a new batch of one kind necklaces and hit the online shop.

Photos by Garrett Born Photography