The Pieces | Dark Beauty

The alluring nature of dark smokey rhinestones can’t be resisted. We have been collecting intriguing pieces like this for years, making sure to keep a hefty handful for our personal collections…¬†can you blame us?¬†Have no fear, we did keep a few amazing bits for you. A few of these came to us perfectly aged and nicely smokey, others we gave a little attention to bring out their naughty side. Each one is poised and ready to become something new and entirely different.

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials

L'avenir | Dark Beauty | The Materials




Take a Hike

Jen and I have been in jewelry mode since the holidays, finalizing a collection of pieces for new year. It’s nice to get up to stretch your legs every so often, breath in¬†some fresh air, and come back with a new¬†perspective.

ninethirty creative_coal_creek-7

I was working on a new version of the Favor Necklace. It’s a little shorter and made using a nice brassy-gold textural chain. It never hurts to test run the merch so I took this baby on a little outing and I’m happy to admit she preformed like a champ.

L'avenir | Favor Necklace

L'avenir | Favor Necklace

L'avenir | Favor Necklace

L'avenir | Favor Necklace

L'avenir | Take a Hike

The newest version of Favor and some more of her friends are making their way online very soon.

The White Cabinet

When stepping into the bright pristine collection, you can’t help but be enamored with all that Mona Williams has to offer. A knockout selection of designer goods, a bright and fun sense of style, and a timeless sensibility. Curated and compiled, each piece in the shop has been chosen with a discerning eye. Beginning discussions about the addition of L’avenir to the mix we couldn’t help but to be a little excited, taking the opportunity to be inspired by everything they have to offer and infusing it into an exclusive collection.

#lavenirlaunchMW #lavenirlaunchMW

When in for the first time, Jen picked up a handful of cards and paper goods from off the shelves and it seemed all too kismet. The vintage illustrations exuded a feeling of unchanging glamour and poise. Each a part of the White Cabinet Collection by the legendary fashion illustrator Hilda Glasgow.

#lavenirlaunchMWWith (many) handfuls of inspired new designs, we are heading to North East to be a part of Mona Williams Fall 2014 Trunk Show. Join us on Tuesday 9/9/14 from 6-9 at 18 University Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413. 


The source

Many of our designs happen organically from our base materials. Start with a stunning centerpiece and build around it, add on, refine, tweak and we are left with something entirely new and different. For our line of key necklaces we started with our muse and our materials, added, subtracted, redesigned and perfected. Key necklaces and the materials that make them | L'avenirA staple in our collection and lovable wardrobe addition, these pieces are making the rounds. We recently came across an impressive collection of antique skeleton keys that are just begging to be redesigned.Skeleton Key Collection | L'avenirStay tuned as these pretties transform themselves {#anatomyofaskeletonkey} into a new batch of one kind necklaces and hit the online shop.

Photos by Garrett Born Photography 

I do – You do.

The beginning of the year always has us prepping for wedding season. As we dug out our cream of the crop rhinestone pieces and all the white, off-white, cream and blush fabrics, inspiration started to flow. L’avenir’s Minneapolis headquarters has honed in on some beautiful statement earrings, while Seattle’s main focus has been on feathery fascinators and intricate beading.



While we have our strengths in different arenas, we use team work and communicate daily to allow for creativity to harness itself. If the juices are flowing over there on jewelry, hand sewing might be what’s working here. Apart, we are able to collaborate in a new and exciting way, our creativity being fueled with differing perspectives. You can watch the process unfold through our Instagram account and find these pieces in person exclusively at Via’s Vintage.

Anatomy of a Skeleton Key #2

Happy Friday! We are taking a little break from spreading a ton of holiday cheer to sit down and make some chain. Lately we can’t seem to check it off the to-do list because it keeps popping back on there as soon as we get it done in the first place. No complaints here, once you get in the rhythm it becomes a therapeutic project. Check out this weeks bit’s and pieces coming together into a stack of new designs.

You can find the story behind them {here} and follow the process as it unfolds on Instagram {#anatomyofaskeletonkey}