The White Cabinet

When stepping into the bright pristine collection, you can’t help but be enamored with all that Mona Williams has to offer. A knockout selection of designer goods, a bright and fun sense of style, and a timeless sensibility. Curated and compiled, each piece in the shop has been chosen with a discerning eye. Beginning discussions about the addition of L’avenir to the mix we couldn’t help but to be a little excited, taking the opportunity to be inspired by everything they have to offer and infusing it into an exclusive collection.

#lavenirlaunchMW #lavenirlaunchMW

When in for the first time, Jen picked up a handful of cards and paper goods from off the shelves and it seemed all too kismet. The vintage illustrations exuded a feeling of unchanging glamour and poise. Each a part of the White Cabinet Collection by the legendary fashion illustrator Hilda Glasgow.

#lavenirlaunchMWWith (many) handfuls of inspired new designs, we are heading to North East to be a part of Mona Williams Fall 2014 Trunk Show. Join us on Tuesday 9/9/14 from 6-9 at 18 University Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413. 


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