Together Again

Like no time at all had passed, Joan and I immediately lapsed into the jewelry making tag team that we are. Within hours of touching down in Seattle, we had the entire living and dining rooms of the Borns’ cozy new apartment dominated by projects in the making. There was no time to lose, my visit was only three days and it was to be a fated excursion for reconnecting and taking care of business.

First off the the Fremont Market early Sunday morning. Caffeine fueled, and excited for the hunt, we weren’t finding much until we met a lovely vendor named, Cil. Cil had so many treasures and seemed to be excited to see her jewelry in the hands of ladies are going to give it a new future. It had been too long since Joan and I had found such great materials so we went ahead and spent our full budget with Cil and told her we’d be back to see her again soon.

With a full satchel of jewelry in hand we had to have an immediate sit down, get a little beverage and look through what we just scored! As is tradition, after we look, touch and feel, we have the jewelry lottery round pick. I pick, you pick, it’s very strategic. Ok, not really, but it ends up to be pretty fair. Really it didn’t matter too much because a lot of the beauties we bought inspired a surge of creative juices flowing and we’re transformed into their future by the end if that very same day.


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