Take Me Higher

There is one positive about your good friends moving to another city, getting to visit! I am a big proponent of trying new things especially when it comes to travel. From a young age I had the travel bug and have always pictured myself living elsewhere. Over the years I have considered NYC, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and even West Palm Beach. When I met and fell in love with a man who had a son, I knew I would be sticking close to home. Minneapoils is a great place to be, though I am falling in love with a place they call the Emerald City more and more every time I go there.

Wanting to experience Seattle in a whole different way this trip, Joan and I planned new neighborhoods to explore and a full day of outdoors, nature and hiking. While a little out of my element, I found myself becoming perfectly comfortable climbing the trail up Mt. Si surrounded by lush green mossy forest. It was just gorgeous.

We met a couple of cute creatures along the way, goofed off a bit and snapped a few pictures; but upon reaching the top we took some time to sit and soak in the beauty. It was a welcome reprieve to a few days of shopping and jewelry making, getting to stretch our legs and enjoy the natural sights the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

-Jen D

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