Budding Walkways

Buckets it’s nice out. Spring has been kind to the Pacific Northwest and I’m enjoying every moment of it. The Freeway Park exploded in these gorgeous white blooms the other day and I have been venturing off course daily to stroll through the budding walkways.
L'avenir | Budding Walkways-3L'avenir | Budding Walkways-2L'avenir | Budding Walkways-5L'avenir | Budding Walkways-9L'avenir | Budding Walkways-11 L'avenir | Budding Walkways-7As far as my wardrobe is concerned, I’m trying to welcome color back in my life. I’m breaking open the box of summer dresses and layering like it’s nobodies business. I actually straight up stole this dress from Jen. It started with a can I borrow that, and turned into I’m going to need you to give it to me. It’s ok, I mean… she abided. I’m also rocking The Ritz necklace, because how could you not, It’s one of my absolute favorites and a total show stopper. Finished with a pile of vintage bangles and a brand new and totally stackable crystal bracelet.

Photos by Garrett Born

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