Flower power

I feel I’m doing my part to bring on warmer weather with a little flower power! Love this DVF mini dress for its shape and versatility. The cut of it is pretty much genius, but isn’t celebrating the woman’s body what DVF does best? This dress stays in the running all year round despite it’s not-so-modest hemline. I wear it occasionally with a nude pump in the summer when I want to feel leggy.Flower Power | L'avenirFlower Power | L'avenir Flower Power | L'avenirJoan and I tagged team this amazing tassel necklace but I like to take full credit for it whenever I can. It’s truly a work of art, so summery with the white and gold. Even though we’re still caked with a thick layer of icy frost here in MN, I’m running around in color and floral print from here on out. My hot new boots are really the only thing reminiscent of winter as they crush through snow and ice with their extra high non-slip rubber heel. These were a find and a half from local resale store, b. resale.

Photos by Michael Houser

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