Driftwood Sunset

We wrapped up another beautiful day in the neighborhood by making our way down to the Olympic Sculpture Park. There is a small rocky beach surrounded by driftwood, creating this amphitheater for watching the sunset. There is something so magical about the the change of color that happens as the sun sinks into the horizon.
L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-3L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-6L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-9L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-10L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-11L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-18L'avenir | Driftwood Sunset-15I went with my favorite everyday dress in navy, it’s perfect for everything. Flattering, easy, and neutral I can dress it up or down. Today I paired it with periwinkle tights overlain with a fabulous burgundy Missoni print. The big cozy scarf comes from my husband, I gifted it to him a few years back and he never wears it… somehow it keeps creeping its way into my wardrobe. I stacked a pile of vintage bangles with our Innovat Bracelet, and I have a Key Necklace and pair of crystal earrings from my personal stash. Lastly a pair of pumps I scored at June a few years back.

Photos by Garrett Born


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