Not your average love song

Ahh… Valentines day. The wonderful holiday manufactured to make single ladies eat cake together over bottles of wine, and women in relationships develop ridiculous expectations of professions of love. Call me a grinch, but I would rather get surprise sunflowers on a nondescript Tuesday then have to make reservations a month in advance and be given roses that cost double what they usually cost in-between a sea of other daters. I say this and my husband glares at me like I’m setting some trap… Regardless I have a lot of love for love and I’m willing to get in the spirit a little this week. We thought it fitting to highlight some of our most loved things, to kick off our week of “L’avenir Loves”, Jen put together a little playlist of non-traditional love songs to get you ready for a week of boxed chocolates and candy hearts. Geared at putting a smile on your face, these ballads will help you get in the mood for love. Sugary pop, funky soul, moody alt rock and even a little rowdy lady rap, this list offers it all including a nice little representation of MN artists.

Pusher Love Girl -Justin Timberlake
Wat U Mean -Lizzo
Breakfast Can Wait -Prince
Diane Young -Vampire Weekend
Born Too Late -Dent May
That’s What’s Up Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros
Velvet -The Big Pink
Shucks -Dungeonesse
Primitive Girl -M. Ward
Sexodus -M.I.A.

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