Style // Casually Cozy

The greatest part of this season is the effortlessness of casual layering, the ability to toss on a cozy sweater and some boots and be ready for the day.  It’s like a stepping stone into the truly cold winter months, stretching out some of our warm weather standby’s by stacking it with anything fuzzy-ish. *Layering pro tip for the day: I tend to stick to neutrals when buying sweaters and undershirts, utilizing scarves to add a bit of color to a look gets me more milage out of my wardrobe staples. Casually Cozy // L'avenir Casually Cozy // L'avenir Casually Cozy // L'avenir Casually Cozy // L'avenir _MG_3053-272Casually Cozy // L'avenir

Photography | Garrett Born // Hair and makeup | Jen Des Lauriers // Styling | Joan Born // Model | Bergen Baker

Bergen is in a number of essentials of layering, including: A vintage boyfriend sweater, white tank, skinny jeans, a fab pair of black heeled UGG boots, Betsy Johnson leg warmers (no we aren’t over them yet), and we couldn’t forget… one of Davina’s casually wearable keys and a pair of earrings from our up and coming new collection of pieces. The accessories will be joining the ranks on our online shop next week, conveniently in time for the holiday shopping season… weird…

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