Davina // Wrapping it up

Davina // by L'avenirAfter months and months of planning, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of the Davina collection. We have been literally working around the clock in order to get this line together, and as Minneapolis fashion week is upon us, we will be able to see it debut online, in stores and at two events all on the same day! Working with Davina has been such an amazingly positive experience. You can imagine how nerve racking it is to create something that is going to bear the same name as the woman who inspired the feel of the collection. With the intention of not letting her down, we created a collection, refined it, edited it, recreated it, edited that… and then finally felt like it was worthy of being looked at by the singer herself.

L'avenir and Davina SowersWith the approval of Davina, we pushed forward with the rest of the collection, creating a selection of pieces to go on our online store, a chunk for our favorite Minneapolis location, and a handful of pieces that will be hitting the road with Davina. With our online shop we are debuting not only a brand new line of one of a kind goodies, but an entirely new product.

Davina Sowers // turbanWe started by presenting our muse with an alluring vintage inspired turban we felt worthy of her stage persona. Utilizing recycled stretch velvet and a rhinestone studded buckle, we created a headpiece that is comfortable and versatile. With our first design under our belt and and on the road with Davina, we crafter more for the website where you can find them for sale on 9/27 along with Davina’s Keys! Take a quick sneak peek at the pieces that will be going up for sale on Friday, and don’t miss your chance to see Davina live at the Dakota Jazz Club that night, with a one of a kind selection of skeleton key necklaces.

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