Orinoco Gold Rush | New Materials

The nature of the way we find our materials requires us to be on top of the thrifting process.  While we have shops that we love and rely on for some of the best deals they tend to be scattered within an hour radius of the city.  We tend to peruse these places when we can but every so often something like Gold Rush days comes around and we just can’t pass it up. One weekend and vendors from all over come and set up shop in the town of Oronoko.  Oh the goodies! We try and approach a day like this with a pretty strict list of things that we are looking for, styles that fit our in progress collections, pieces for clients, etc. This year we were filling out missing pieces in our up and coming Davina collection for Fall, and picking up a few lovelies for the holidays as well.

OK.. so we were obviously looking at the jewelry, although the entire area is full of oddities and fabulous finds.  We can’t help but be drawn to a few of our favorite things.. like vintage glass wear… If only either of us had the cabinets to hold all these retro glasses!

Needless to say we found some pieces that fit the bill perfectly. Now off to cleaning and deconstructing before it is worked into the next collection.  Stay tuned for more of the finds!


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