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Small Business Saturday

Ushering in the Holiday Season with your shopping list in hand? Each year we climb up on our soapbox and preach the importance of supporting your local community of small business owners. Now in its fourth year, Small Business Saturday serves as the ceremonial kickoff to the holiday shopping season for small businesses across the United States. Small Business Saturday supporters reported spending over $5.5 billion at independently-owned businesses on that day last year.

L’avenir recognizes the importance of supporting small businesses, the jobs they help create and the culture they instill in local communities. Each local retail shop, service provider or manufacturer relies on their community to keep in competition with larger corporate chains, but along the way they provide each patron with a wealth of benefits they wouldn’t be able to find in the mass market. Small, locally owned businesses put a face to the person you are dealing with. Allowing consumers to develop a personal relationship with the owners, suppliers and employees, customer service increases and these businesses become an integral part of the community.
Each small business represents the heart and soul of the community they exist within and they need your support through this, and every season. Skip the mall, stick close to home and give these shops your patronage. Bring it this year with a unique, locally crafted gift that speaks from the heart.

In honor of the day, we are offering 20% off your online purchase from November 29th – December 1st with the code { shopsmall } at lavenirdesign.com

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Swank Necklace

L'avenir This one is a bit of a controversy. Pretty and versatile as the Swank necklace is, Jen is having a hard time saying goodbye. But being that ‘this the season of giving love and spreading joy, this beauty will be on sale at the Minneapolis sample sale on Dec 5th. Merry tidings and gifty lovely jewelry to you!


Garrett Born Photography | MUA Pricilla Bruce | Model Clare Mancl | Dress Flutter Boutique

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Let loose

“I don’t want to repeat my innocence. I want the pleasure of losing it again.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise


There is something about a long strand of pearls that make us want to let loose. Wrapped around your neck and draped ever so perfectly across your chest they take on your movements, accentuating the sway of your hips as you move across the room.





Photographer Garrett Born | Model Clare Mancl | MUA Pricilla Bruce | Clothing from Mona Williams
L'avenir | Gilded

Friday Wildcard

Not quite sure why we’ve been sitting on these photos for so long, but that’s what the Friday Wildcard is for, right? We shot these in the basement at Via’s Vintage with the incomparable Audra. Not what we were envisioning from the start but we ended up with a sort of 1970’s-David-Bowie-meets-gilded-disco-queen kind of thing. How do you accidentally make this happen? We have no idea. Enjoy:

L'avenir | Gilded L'avenir | Gilded L'avenir | Gilded

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L'avenir | Chrome Necklace

Chrome Necklace

Garrett Born Photography | Model Clare Mancl | MUA Jen Des Lauriers

“Don’t you worry, I made all my friends stay home. It’s just you and me the way I dreamed. A dance for lipstick and chrome. I’ve got a swing in my step. Nothing could go wrong. I’ve got a mouth full of honey and a head full of dancing songs.”

A favorite and a staple, vibrant heavy duty chain and lustrous crystals come together to house a unique skeleton key. No two the same… because, you know… it’s kind of our thing. {shop Chrome online}

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